Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – Select


Features included:

  •  Anti-Malware
     Cloud-Assisted Protection via Kaspersky Security Network
    • Application Control
     Application   whitelisting
     web   Control
     Device  Control
     File    server   protection
     Mobile Device Management
     Mobile Endpoint Security  (For Tablets and Smartphones)

Key Features:
Powerful Endpoint Anti-Malware
Kaspersky’s ‘best of breed’ scanning engine operates at multiple levels in the operating  system, rooting out malware. The cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) protects users in real time against new threats.

Flexible, Granular Control tools
A cloud-based, categorized database of safe and unsafe applications and websites helps
the administrator to set and enforce policies for applications and web surfing, while
granular controls ensure that only specific devices can plug in to machines on the network.

Efficient mobile deployment and security for smartphones and tablets
Agent-based mobile security is available for Android™, BlackBerry®, Symbian and Windows® Mobile devices. Mobile device policies and software can be securely deployed over the air to these and to iOS devices through Kaspersky MDM.

Vulnerability scanner
Tuned to flag hardware and software vulnerabilities which could be exposed to an attack.



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